Unparalleled experience to support our clients on every conceivable type of power outage.

Repair and Maintenance of Power Plants Overview

For over forty years, we have provided specialists, supervisors, skilled craftsmen, tools and equipment to undertake every conceivable type of outage, modification and upgrade service on turbines ranging from 10MW machines supplied in the 1960’s to the very latest 400MW plus “H” technology units. APC also provide boiler, heat recovery steam generator and related outage, upgrade and installation services in selected markets.

Our company performed the first advanced technology upgrades on both single shaft and multi shaft machines and have frequently been called upon to undertake “first of a kind” outages or perform work under extraordinary circumstances where the experience and the skill of our personnel made the difference between success and failure for our client.

  • Outage, Modification and Upgrade Turbine Service
  • Boiler and Heat Recovery Steam Generator Outages and Upgrades
  • Trained Field Supervision
  • Highly Experienced and Skilled Labour


We plan carefully to enable you to undertake hugely ambitious projects with complete confidence.


We are fully committed to ensuring your project is delivered on time and on budget. Our track record proves this.


We never lose sight of achieving a successful outcome for your project no matter how complex.

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