We ensure Environmental is practiced every day on every site, by every employee and contractor

Environmental Overview

The protection of our environment is a core value for APC and we have a strong and evidenced track record in these matters. This protection strategy is practised effectively on our sites, by all of our employees.

Our Planet and Environment

Our planet and our environment matters to APC, our employees and those that they care about. Our choices today affect how our environment will be shaped in the future. Our work-practices, consumables choices and sustainability supports, can make a difference. We also influence the same choices among our contractors and provide assistance to our clients, in these matters.

Our industry is very influenced by technology and its progress and where we can obtain an environmental and professional benefit from a technological improvement, APC will do so and we will also promote it within our industry.

Our clients rely on our project management expertise to ensure their assigned missions are carried out safely, on time and in line with their critical path requirements.

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